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Deli's Guide to Hassle Free Iconning (Color-correcting not included) [28 Jun 2017|01:05pm]

This is a tutorial for [info]frell and [info]iseethelight. It does not include color-correcting or fixing horrible lighting in shows because I am not a pro at those. Topics include: view, guides, actions, cropping.

Image heavy! )
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Reference - Harry Potter birth years for MWPP [27 Jun 2017|06:48pm]

Graduation and birth years by house )
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Tessisamess: 2017 [27 Jun 2017|05:07pm]


Hey guys, I've got some big announcements over on my journal! I'm back in action and bringing a bunch of exciting things along with me, so go check it out to find out everything new going on at [info]tessisamess—I promise you won't be disappointed!
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[26 Jun 2017|07:50pm]

I am so excited because on Friday and Saturday I am making tamales for my 4th of July birthday party!!!!!! Friday night I get to spend the night breaking down 20lbs of pork butt into little cubes with my Mom and then on Saturday, my Auntie Lori is coming over with a million pounds of masa and we are going to bang out OG pork tamales, chile and cheese (for the vegetarians), sweet ones and some chorizo and potato ones that I'm going to hoard for my breakfast. And this time, I am going to take so many notes on what chiles we use. So. Many. Notes.

I'm just really excited about tamales guys.
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[26 Jun 2017|12:46am]

Read more... )
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[25 Jun 2017|11:18pm]

characters @ quiddpitch )
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[22 Jun 2017|05:51pm]


“I have always believed in standing up for what I believe in and I believe that everyone deserves the right to love whoever they love no matter who they are.” )
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Bio Sheet: PCAP [22 Jun 2017|03:49am]



( Live Preview + Code )

Rebuilds bingo [21 Jun 2017|08:58pm]

B-I-N-G-O )
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[22 Jun 2017|11:40am]

Rebuilds Bingo )
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[20 Jun 2017|06:58am]

I am failing at juggling my life right now, please bear with me.
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Bio Sheet: LCARS [19 Jun 2017|05:11pm]



( Live Preview + Code )

[19 Jun 2017|11:31am]


does anyone have a tinder and/or grindr layout?
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Google Fonts in Entries [18 Jun 2017|01:44pm]


I am 97% sure this is impossible, but I needed to check: is there any way to call up Google fonts for an individual entry? I know you can't access the style or head elements for individual entries, which means you can't use @font-face. I've experimented with using the <style> tags in the body (while not technically correct, this is a possible way to code elsewhere), but IJ seems to ignore it.

So, are my only options sticking to web-safe fonts and using images of fancier text, or is there a way to call upon the vast font interwebs within journal entries? :D
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[16 Jun 2017|09:20pm]


“Whenever I’m not on stage I wanna watch reality television. I wanna watch, like, The Voice or The Bachelor. Don’t be surprised by that, it’s the greatest show on TV!” )
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[15 Jun 2017|10:48am]

RL STATUS: I have officially been to all 50 states! 🙌 🙌 🙌 I'm currently in Boston because my passport got renewed much sooner than I'd anticipated and I'm now driving further ... into Canada (aka New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island!).

In other news, I have an official Bitmoji Problem™. And last night was the worst of it when I decided to make Bitmoji versions of all my current RP characters at [info]frontlines and [info]taleless.

without further ado, all my current characters in Bitmoji form~ )

UHHHH. Since I have all of these loaded onto my computer now, I'm just going to make a meme on the fly. Comment with one of your characters and one of my (current) characters, and I'll give you 1-3 Bitmoji that my character would send to yours.
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