Saturday, July 28th, 2012

User Customs

So every so often I randomly stumble across someone who's used my layouts but customized the heck out of it and I'm like OMFG THAT IS HELLA GORGEOUS, IT'S LIKE CRACK FOR MY EYES! And a lot of times I love the tweaks even more than the original. (IM ESPECIALLY LOOKING AT YOU [info]cilantro AND YOUR SEXY CUSTOMIZATIONS OF BEAU THE MAGICIAN)

So this is a show off post for you guys! Did you do any fancy, sexy tweaks on the layouts here? LET US SEE SO WE CAN DROOL OVER THEM! And maybe even share your customization with others, if you're so inclined. Pay it forward! ♥♥♥
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Monday, August 24th, 2009

everyday im rafflin'

Holy crap guys! I feel like I should do something special for my 50th layout. ......


So I'm holding a raffle! My 50th layout will be a custom made layout for a randomly chosen winner. So to enter just fill out the form in the textbox and post it as a comment to this entry. Comments are screened. One entry per person. The layout will be S1 Generator style because....because I am a one trick pony. Sry!

WINNER: [info]closertofine

JOURNAL LAYOUT: Fine Chocolate
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